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18 of the best Youtube videos – To discover or rediscover

18 of the best Youtube videos – When three former employees of Paypal decided in 2005 to launch a website which would allow users to upload, share and view videos, they probably had not measured the impact this would have on the everyday use individuals, as well as professionals, had of the internet until then. No wonder that the following year YouTube was purchased by Google, and that other similar websites started to make their appearance on the World Wide Web (Dailymotion, Metacafe,…).

Ever since, with over 20 000 videos going viral every day, the international success linked to these networks never seems to diminish, and has allowed many videos (personal or not) to make history.
By now, every possible theme seems to be covered and finds its public; some videos hitting an impressive number of views under only a few hours.

Today we have decided to share with you a selection of some of the best internet videos published over the past few years; 18 “entertaining” gems that you will be able to discover or rediscover and which we find worthy of your attention. So feel free to grab some snacks and a few drinks beforehand if needed and ….

wishing you a recreational PMSLweb moment!

1.Flash Mob fail

The British geek comedian Tom Scott comes back here on an unbelievable (and dramatic) event which took place in Britain after the uploading of an innocent webcam on chatroulette by a female user one afternoon. This humor-tainted presentation retraces step by step the power of online social media and how it led in this specific case to a devastating result.

2.We are douchebags

Not always easy to be a douchebag, they are people with feelings too! Here’s a funny musical video where they cry their pain and demand to be accepted and respected.

3.Brett Domino’s Hip hop Medley

The internet celebrity from Leeds, Uk Rob J. Madin aka Brett Domino, musician and comedian, treats us here with his trio (composed of two individuals, himself and Steven Peavis) to a hip hop medley on stylophone beatbox, and revisits the Sugar Hill gang, House of pain as well as DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.

4.India has talent Mario bros

A group of contestants on “India has talent” set up an amazing performance based on the video game Mario Bros.

5.Living with first person shooter disease

Ever heard of a syndrome called “the first person shooter disease”? Our bet is that nobody had before viewing this medical masterpiece!

6.Dan’s piano choir

When the crazy idea of a candidate suddenly sees the light, a human choir gets conducted in the most original way.

7.Funny Chinese WoW

Ever dreamed of living a Wold of Warcraft existence? Some Chinese fans decided to give it a shot…

8.2$ deluxe pranks

Because Free hugs became mainstream over the years, please meet the 2$ deluxe hug guy whose only vocation is to put “traditional huggers” through hell with a well-oiled prank.

9.College saga – video game

Three students from suburban Massachusetts have decided to end the Vegan Supremacy. Follow them during their quest in this video that features them as a video game would.

10.Warp Whistle (Mario parody)

What if one day you suddenly saw Mario Bros jump out a pipe or cross the road in front of you? After watching this video chances are you’ll conclude that things are better off just the way they are.

11.Led sheep art

Here’s an all-time classic that we’d be surprised to hear you’ve never came cross at least once.
Truth being, this video actually is a fake, sponsored by Samsung that saw an amazing advertising opportunity here (and owed up to it some time later). But nonetheless, it’s still a masterpiece and a delight to watch once in a while.

12.David after the dentist

Who doesn’t know the young David yet and the effects his post-anesthesia had on him after a trip to the dentist when he was seven? His dad just couldn’t resist!

13.The axis of Awesome 4 chords

If you’ve ever considered starting a musical career, after viewing this video you’ll realize that knowing 4 chords is the key to success….don’t believe us? Then check it out.

14.Legend of Zelda violin medley

A version of the Legend of Zelda’s theme you may not acknowledge the existence of. Diwa de Leon a composer, arranger and violist offers us here his own rendition of a tune originally composed by Koji Kondo.

15.Paul Zerdin ventriloquist

When the show “Comedy Rocks” decides to invite the ventriloquist Paul Zerdin over, it gives birth to this hilarious sketch which created a buzz and was viewed by millions of internauts.

16.Gimme pizza – Olsen twins slowed down

The Olsen twins singing “gimme Pizza”….but slowed down in order to create an interesting result.

17.How to tie your shoes really fast

Because we all lose sooo much time every day tying up our shoelaces, this short tutorial will explain to you how to proceed in just one second, impressive right?

18.Fake Pokemon trailer

Last but not least on our list, this fake « Pokemon movie » trailer that really is a pure gem. No doubt that after viewing it, many pokeball fans almost cried when they realized that the movie in question would never actually see the light. A must see.

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