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A day without laughter is a day wasted…so let’s get to it!

A day without laughter is a day wasted – Wherever you may be, the weekend is just up the road now, and it’s time to start working on that state of mind of yours as it isn’t always easy to make the most of it if you are dragging around with you a suitcase full of bad vibes and bitterness due to the hectic, never-ending week which was imposed on you!

To kick-start a healthy spirit, here are a few goodies which we hope will help.
hambuger fail
A little one for the road guys?
what on earth is this?
Does she come with fries?
why you won't see me tonight
Perfect night to grab a book
ring the pooper
Ring my bell!
love in the shower
I dare you!
chocolate anus treat
Treating your scato friend at Christmas made easy
misguided by appeareances
You were warned about appearances right?
suicide application
Inquire with your local retailer
punching hilary
Just a little more
a dent in the car
Spreading a popular belief
mowing biker
Get your motor runnin’, Head out on the highway…
bee map
Beehive quest
toy story dildo
Mum’s favorite motion
weird toys
Not sure who to gift them to
thinking the McGyver way
Did you also hear the few first notes of the theme’s opening?
Being high
Stay safe, don’t get too high
hula hoop emo
Wanted an out from your community?
The new Sonoma
Sonoma valley revisited
translation fail
Very painful on the eye scene
special forces loses pants
The training guide didn’t mention this particular situation
marilyn monroe farting
What the ventilation scene was actually all about
looking important with fedex
Your boss will enjoy
masturbation humor
have you ever considered?
fast isn't furious
You get what you pay for
strong on viagra
Getting high on it
Points for hitting pedestrians
GTA…it’s just a game…
take a drop
Fancy a chocolate drop?
I'd be home right now
The difference between your wife and a bike
hardrocker's wife
My wife shits bricks
take me to the batcave
Show me your batcave
schizophrenia humor
You talking to me???
blind kid road sign fail
Please take great care
epic target racial fail
Racial fail: Target, you’re doing it right
instant virility
I’m too sexy for my shirt
sexual bread
The real meaning of “do-nuts”
lazy pussy
No mousing around here
light up the shogun
I don’t recall this particular scene…
painted fish lips kissing
The saying “love birds” no longer makes any sense
 all i want for christmas is you - almost
Diamonds are a girls best friend
And to say that some people are paid to find these…
I spy with my little eye
I spy with my little eye…an epic fail
a fun game
School isn’t what it use to be
beer leads to beautiful people
Making the inner-beauty stand out
you love grammar
For all those who go crazy reading their newsfeeds
the olders orgy too
Medical advances… people live longer, live healthier and ….
George Brownridge : the ladies man
I am legend
I love country music humor
You know where he stands
peter Nguyen rules
Ever heard of Jimmy McPerson?
100% customs control
Better see the bright side
I quit my job road signs
Did you read it to the end?

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