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A gust of lighthearted vibes – The Happy Tuesday Collection

A gust of lighthearted vibes – Go to work they say, you need to pay the bills they say… problem being they are right!
Anyway let’s not allow that little daily annoyance set the mood shall we? Time to adopt a bubbly attitude which is known to help the time fly by a little faster, so here’s our daily contribution to your quest, hoping it will give you entire satisfaction.

Wishing you a gleeful PMSLweb moment!

You’re living proof that man can live without a brain
Gordon Ramsay funny you used so much oil
When boys will do anything to see you smile funny
Enters through a two inch cracked window fly funny
Who the f*ck would want to attack Australia funny
Browsers funny internet explorer fail
In bed with puppy – iphone autocorrect fail
Batman facebook notifications
Dat Sofa
You had one job Lana Del Rey funny fail
Teenage mutant ninja Turtles WTF
Pervert coffee funny
Brush your teeth kids or I’ll kill you
One free murder voucher
I  let the milk go bad again funny cartoon
that feeling when you’ve ate too much Mexican food
whoever invented this un-popable bubble wrap funny
Facebook status coughing fit fail
what to do with your opinion funny
watch out for the idiot behind me bumper sticker
Evil stairs funny
Don’t tilt the screen back
twister with justin bieber funny
scratching his balls like a boss
you had one job bus advert
when boys have the V funny
why are you talking to me stop that
funny spelling fight  on Iphone
youtube video series funny
Drone honey bee literally bust a nut
Iphone finding nemo funny
please let it go to voicemail ecard
if you think women are the weaker sex funny
No more girls night out funny
You’re like the first slice of bread in the bag ecard
I am watching you boiling milk
Good morning now put it in your mouth
Joker wanna know how I got all these scars funny
we is closed funny spelling
last night is a blur funny
chun ki ho funny
keep talking I’m diagnosing you
veet customer review hilarious

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