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A little iPhone moment… the return!

A little iPhone moment – People and their iPhones… always hours of entertainment for us on the world wide web, and one word always seems to come to our minds when text messages suddenly lead to big giggle sessions: autocorrect!
You’d think that by now most of us would of deactivated Apple’s most important and helpful feature, but nope, and come to think of it deep down inside people probably secretly hope that they will encounter one of these great moments, in order to have their personal moment of online glory and make social media history.
Poof - iPhone moment at
better than a bun
or was he?
be a friend
yes I am hungary - iPhone moment at
how to talk to a girl
on the first date
on my pants
dad knows about it
or your ex - iPhone moment at
send kisses to dad
and so do black holes
or do you need proof
and surprise
the auto cucumber - iPhone moment at
you do it right
get better nana
dad learns truth
the perfect color - iPhone moment at
step on a lego
or your ex gf kellie
never apart - iPhone moment at
where you are sure to lose
the perfect couple
friendship at its best
a quicky
mum s real job - iPhone moment at
at least you tried
is it too late?
how to fight it
one is having fun - iPhone moment at

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