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Star Wars Goodies – On a server far, far away…

Star Wars Goodies – On May 25th 1977, George Lucas released the first episode – well the 4th actually – of what was probably to become the most famous film saga of history : Star Was – A new hope; which was to be followed in 1980 by The Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi in 1983. These movies featured and made famous actors such as Mark Hamill as “Luke Skywalker”, Harrison Ford as “Han Solo”, Carrie Fisher the casts female character as “Princess Leia” or Alec Guinness as the Jedi Master “Obi-Wan” Kenobi; but also others whose names you may a little less be familiar with (then again all depends on your degree of fanaticism!) as while you definitely will recall the characters they embodied, not sure that 100% of you would do all that good during a blind test – and please Star Wars purists do not get upset…you know what I’m talking about here…the people behind the masks, such as Kenny Baker (R2-D2), Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), or the two men who gave life to Darth Vader aka David Prowse (Darth himself) and James Earl Jones (his voice) without forgetting a special mention to Frank Oz, “Yoda”‘s voice. The 21st century then gave birth to three other sequels of course, The Phantom Menace (episode I) , Attack of the Clones (episode II) and Revenge of the Sith (episode III)…but what follows is dedicated to the original three, so let’s cut short….

Yoda Knows
Listen to Yoda
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he is just like you and I
Why, did you think it wouldn’t apply for him?
fell the force
Could Yoda actually just be a show off?

Long live Metallica.. after that they no longer had much to prove basically…(Yeah oki Axl and his crew got Terminator as we know… but geez, Star Wars??)
Come and play with R2D2 and give his voice generator a shot!
Star Wars Novelties
Yoda and leia as seen by Van Gogh
Yoda and Leia as seen by Van Gogh
ultimate Star Wars desk
First option: the Geek desk
the business star wars desk
Second option: Going professional
Chinese Star wars cutlery
Impress your friends round during a Star Wars marathon
Star Wars beer time
Evidently include a few beer rounds
Treat your mates to the most amazing experience of their lives
Be a friend: Treat your mates to the most amazing experience of their life
The ultimate Star Wars fan gadget
Star Wars Car Shade…where can I find it? All around the net but sadly not often in stock!
the wookie lingo book
For $17 you can now learn to speak Wookiee… . A demo maybe?
Check it out…

The Floyd death star LP
Pink Floyd’s rare Death Star LP edition…. you can get it at….
Only kidding, but you can always give Rage against the machine a shot…

star wars breakfast
Star Wars breakfast after a marathon night?
Darth Vader transformers
Want to please your kids? What a brilliant excuse – take them to the toy store… of course you’ll have to show them how to build it up right…
Star Wars Cakes
Just a sweet collection of cakes
brilliant star wars cake
Will you dare stick candles in it?
star wars birthday party
The ultimate birthday party
Yoda wears pink
Yoda wearing pink? Oh why not after all
jaba da cake
Jabba da cake?
Darth cake
Darth delight
Millennium Falcon
Millennium Falcon cake
cake strikes back
The cake strikes back episode
the R2d2 cake
To finish off with the cakes…

Advertising with Vodaphone you will do half way through the post.
Star Wars Humor… the PMSLweb way
The shooting was terrible
Between scenes pic?
stormtrooper private
This one also maybe?
darth trying to get his picture taken
Because you also need a passport on the Death Star
Come as you are
Darth Vader: Come as you are
Trooper friendship
Stormtroopers: the bathroom quest
How to do it
Launching your stormtroopers only takes cola and a mentos
darth vader cartoon
Darth Vader is such a badass
What the...
What the…..

The death Star Cantene parody
these days
So it really is general…
just a normal guy?
Apparently the “force” isn’t everywhere
they love it
He says else wise though
maybe he is right
And maybe he is right…
Sharing the love
Star wars love
……… Oki enough with this, you’ll end up getting horny!
george lucas
George Lucas tests the carbonate block to make sure Harrison Ford is safe
needing a follow up
Some troopers needed a follow-up once after they finished shooting the movie
darth is a normal man
Getting on work on time was crucial
reading Harry potter
One way to break a myth for sure
Kitty Vader
Vader’s initial costume was a fail
using star wars
Why geeks end up playing World of Warcraft
It's everywhere
Jedi squirrel
New whisky brand
A must try
Listen to the wise
Star Wars… a true religion?
truth said
The dark side of parenting
Yoda fishing fail
Fishing on Dagobah
Change we must
It’s about time we start listening to him
the after Star Wars
Recycling R2D2 after the movie
stormtrooper remembers
Time to cut them some slack
one for facebook
One which deserves to be shared…
Star Wars original Cast
Star Wars: the original cast…..
From left to right – Harrison Ford / Han Solo , David Prowse / Darth Vader, Peter Mayhew / Chewbacca, Carrie Fisher / Princess Leia, Mark Hamill / Luke Skywalker and Kenny Baker / R2-D2
We all thank you!

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