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Adult funnies – Hilarious naughty funnies

Adult funnies – Disclaimer: The following collection of adult funnies targets a mature public, and we R rate the latter for bad language and sexual content (ok, while it’s not as bad as it sounds, we still flirt with the S universe, so please be advised before going any further).
Guess what, it’s finally Friday, and this time round we’ve decided to unleash our inner demons (as we do once in a while) and treat you to a collection of “funny naughties”. If you are of those who easily get upset or offended please give this post a skip, otherwise …welcome to the humoristic naughty arena!

Wishing you a nonsense-packed weekend and jocular PMSLweb moment!

Adult funnies

Women can argue for 3h straight meme

Pull your woman by the hair funny prehistoric cartoon

Yoda isn’t wearing any pants funny tweet

Everyone appreciates your honesty sarcastic ecard

Cigarettes have warning labels sarcastic quote

Somebody fucked up funny picture

Get rid of puffy eyes funny meme

Funny naughty shadow puppetry – Adult funnies

Hilarious noodle bar name

Newest Ford car humor

If you could be anyone for a day sarcastic humor

This man is a real hero funny Facebook fail

Funny grapesoda meme

If you say no to oral sex humor

Naughty boat joke – Adult funnies

When she says I usually don’t do this adult humor

If Tampax could absorb the shit people say sarcastic ecard

Herpes wasn’t a Greek God sarcastic ecard

How many dogs do you have hilarious picture

During sex it’s perfectly fine to say humor

The first rule of anal sex meme – Adult funnies

Every time a man sleeps with a woman funny quote

Hilarious everyone please meet Frank

Funny eye contact during oral

Funny definition of bae

Funny highway code of dating

Funny penis check signature

Funny twerk fail – Adult funnies

How to single out married men humor

My girlfriend said I need to be a more gentle lover sarcastic ecard

Funny Girls get mad

All lives matter funny tweet

Mussel girl makes you a sandwich humor

Funny racist cat gif – Adult funnies

Best positions for Netflix and chill humor

Trump full retard meme

Breastfeeding in public funny gif

Funny Monkey steals fag

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