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Adult humor collection – Naughty funnies ahead

Adult humor collectionDISCLAIMER: The following collection of Adult funnies containing media which is not suitable for an underage public, please take notice that the latter targets a mature audience only. Ditto, if ever you are sensible to/ offended by this specific humorous genre, you may want to give today’s post a pass. As usual, better safe than sorry, right?

Now that you have been warned, and if ever in spite of the prior statement you have decided to continue your scrolling journey with us, we wish you an awesome weekend ahead and a wicked PMSLweb moment!

Adult humor collection

Awesome sexual Chinese shadow art

I’ll sit on your face she said funny adult meme

What you crave versus what you need adult humor

Busted having sex behind the door funny gif

Funny Pokemon sex toy meme

Funny penis jewelry meme – Adult humor collection

Snow white and the black dwarf funny adult cartoon

Funny naughty Bear Grylls survival kit

Your page has been teabagged adult meme

Emperor Palpatine knows that you want the dildo funny adult meme

Why did the sperm cross the road adult joke

Watching porn like a boss funny cartoon – Adult humor collection

When you nearly fall out the window funny gay porn meme

When you’re romantic but she’s still gonna get the D funny adult meme

When you tell her to give you a good reason not to go out with your friends meme

Armpit looks like a vagina funny meme

Her vagina looks like a bulldog’s mouth funny adult meme

Funny boner bus prank gif – Adult humor collection

Maybe if I nicknamed my penis Facebook funny meme

I thought that my mom got me a dildo funny tweet

When you are cutting wrapping paper funny porn meme

How women and men judge each other funny adult cartoon

When your girl’s parents think that you are a nice young man funny adult meme

I love to wake up to your alarm cock adult humor

Take it easy with my wood funny tree meme – Adult humor collection

Belly looks like Jay Z’s lips funny meme

It was a little fanny fart funny adult cartoon

I found a picture of your grandmother adult humor

Dickshark movie adult humor

When the mold on your bread wants some dick adult meme – Adult humor collection

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