Amusing Tuesday pictures – Take a spin on the wild side

Amusing Tuesday pictures – If you are wondering what is currently trending on the Internet as far as humor is concerned, search no more as chances are that you have just knocked at the right door. Indeed, once more we have combined our creative juices to our Internet scavenging skills in order to deliver you top notch nonsense with our latest collection of Tuesday balderdash; so why not put us to the test!

Wishing you a riotous PMSLweb moment!

Funny Japanese soda adverting - Amusing Tuesday pictures

Funny vegemite ice cream

Did I ever tell you how much of a fucking disappointment you are funny Dr Seuss cover

How to pee with morning wood funny guide

Parenthood is funny sarcastic quote – Amusing Tuesday pictures

If anything on my page offends you sarcastic quote

This is an Irish boomerang humor

When I answer that I’m busy funny meme

If you’re feeling down and need someone sarcastic humor

When you’re watching porn on your tablet and your mom walks in funny meme

Roses are red, violets are blue funny arab meme

Rock paper scissors but nothings beats a blowjob adult humor – Amusing Tuesday pictures

Your free viewing period has expired funny gif

Two rules of business sarcastic humor

When Meryl Streep uses a lifetime achievement speech to tell the world how shitty you are funny tweet

Funny fisherman clickbait

A pervert calls a wife on the phone sarcastic joke – Amusing Tuesday pictures

When she likes you but just as a friend funny meme

If you needed to recite one song perfectly funny meme

Every couple on real estate shows funny truth

Send me a picture of your winky funny text message

NATO phonetic alphabet joke

I started to get tired after sex the other day joke – Amusing Tuesday pictures

I could have stayed home alone this weekend funny cat meme

Who’s calling us bae? Funny meme

Stop sliding down your grandma’s boobs funny cartoon

This nice man gives a poor woman money funny meme

Does golly gosh really cut it funny quote – Amusing Tuesday pictures

Funny political reporting gif

You have received a visit from Brainy Smurf sarcastic humor

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