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Wednesday funnies – Going All In on Hump day

Biggest lies on the internet at

Wednesday funnies – We’ve decided to kick-start today’s Hump day edition with a handful of interesting facts we’ve stumbled across and which you might not be aware of. While some will say that ignorance is bliss, you’ll agree that given what we often sadly get to witness while surfing (aka procrastinating on) the internet, this idiom tends to be far ... Read More »

Screwball Monday – A one way ticket to the loony bin


Screwball Monday – No matter how hard you’ll try and deny it, the fact is that the weekend’s definitely over and you must now courageously check yourself in during Monday’s roll call. Nonetheless, given the important number of wayward slackers who will be attending this mandatory beginning of the week, there was no way that we would of even considered ... Read More »

Hilarious pics – A handful of lighthearted chuckles


Hilarious pics – Summer has finally knocked on the Northern Hemisphere’s door, and in order to worthily celebrate the event, we’ve pulled together a little collection of funnies which we hope will generate a few cheeky smiles on the faces of those in need for them. Evidently, this crazy journey is available for the inhabitants of both hemispheres, so let’s ... Read More »

Barre de rire – Sous le signe du MDR


Barre de rire – Une fois n’est pas coutume, de temps à autre désormais nous avons décidé de dédier l’un de nos posts à la langue de l’amour.. mais en vu de ce qui va suivre, de la connerie également. En effet c’est indéniable, quand on vient aux jeux de mots graveleux et à l’utilisation abusive de sarcasme détonnant, la ... Read More »

Hump day madness – When it’s sane to go insane


Hump day madness – Would you believe it but sometimes, the only way to keep a reasonable level of sanity is to occasionally lose it. Keeping that in mind and remembering that Wednesday is known to be the most difficult day of the week, we’ve taken to heart to put together a handful of nutcase funnies; so if you need ... Read More »

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