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Merry New Week – Let’s do the happy Monday dance !

offended you are? Yoda funny quote

Merry New Week – Seven billion people on the population clock, so we can safely estimate that at least half of the latter woke up this morning, or shall I say jumped out of bed ready to do the Happy Monday Dance. Just imagine, this is undeniably the best and biggest flash-mob ever recorded! In order to celebrate this amazing ... Read More »

Lackadaisical Sunday – On your marks, get set and nothing

gerber Big Mac and fries baby food

Lackadaisical Sunday – Because attempting anything industrious would be criminal today as Sunday is known to be procrastination day, we deeply suggest that you just kick-off your shoes – in case you ever got to actually putting them on since you got up this morning let’s be honest – maybe take a nap, watch TV or play video games and ... Read More »

Golden TGIF Pictures – Set your Friday on Fire!

ceiling fan has 3 settings funny

Golden TGIF Pictures – Thank God it’s Friday finally woop woop! To celebrate worthily our favorite day of the week , on Pmslweb we have decided to concoct you a kick-butt collection of funny pics which will no doubt help to set the mood. If you courageously just spent the whole week exorcising your demons chances are you’ll soon be ... Read More »

Men versus Women: Always and Forever Collection

doesn’t matter had sex praying mantis meme

Men versus Women – Why not spice up a bit your Thursday by opening one of Pandora’s favorite boxes – when girl meets boy and when boy meets girl ! An ocean of feelings on one side and a sea of misunderstanding on the other which, when combined, inevitably lead to a lethal combo. But, let’s face it, while the ... Read More »

Wednesday Collection of Goodies – Hump, hump, hump and away

Your cat-scan is now complete funny

Wednesday Collection of Goodies - And Wednesday it is ! Two different ways of processing the day are usually encountered : -Option 1: Damn, still three days to go before reaching the weekend… *sigh* -Option 2: Hump day YAY, the toughest part of the week is behind me! Whatever attitude you choose to adopt, as from now on you must ... Read More »

A gust of lighthearted vibes – The Happy Tuesday Collection

keep talking I’m diagnosing you

A gust of lighthearted vibes – Go to work they say, you need to pay the bills they say… problem being they are right! Anyway let’s not allow that little daily annoyance set the mood shall we? Time to adopt a bubbly attitude which is known to help the time fly by a little faster, so here’s our daily contribution ... Read More »

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