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Facebook funnies – Special Facebook Friday – 27/01/2012

FB Jail

Facebook funnies – Let’s be honest, most internauts will start their day off by login onto Facebook…. what have your neighborhood, childhood or international buddies been up to these past hours, have you missed out on some important piece of data or event during the night (maybe an actor passed away or your best mate baked a kick-butt cake…worst case ... Read More »

Death Star above San Francisco – A dream come true?

Death Star above San Francisco

Death Star above San Francisco – While any Star Wars fan would probably feel his heart skip a beat at the very idea of seeing the Death Star (a moon-sized Imperial military battlestation for those of you who finally just regained civilization after spending a 30 years as a hermit in the woods ) one day appear above his house ... Read More »

Lucky day – One he’ll never forget

lucky day - when a redneck wins the lottery

Unbelievable lucky day – Have you ever heard of the famous tv show “The Price is right”? Well here’s the story of the luckiest man ever, and whose participation to the game clearly made history. One day this young man, a casual neighbor and friend, a nice chap without any pretension whatsoever decides to give Drew Carey’s legendary game a ... Read More »

Biggest No Life in the world – We found him!

wow office

The world’s biggest No Life – We found him! Ladies and Gentlemen, please let us introduce you to Bradster (his nickname evidently) whom we grant with the title of the “Biggest No-life” ever. Honestly he deserves a standing ovation as he was known to possess 36 World of Warcraft accounts , the latter allowing him to raid all by himself… ... Read More »

Baking Cookies in the Car – in 4/5 hours

baking cookies in a car

Baking Cookies in the Car – Possible or not? And the answer is……… YES, you can! Cooking indoors during summer isn’t always the most enjoyable task ever, whether you like cooking or not. Evidently many of you will imply that air conditioning does tend to improve our fate, and to a certain degree (see the pun here..) we will agree, ... Read More »

Get ready for Valentines Day

My love is like

Valentines Day is just around the corner now so for those concerned, it ‘s probably time to start fishing around for the perfect gift in order to show your significant other just how much you care. Don’t be fooled by the usual “Nah don’t bother about it, I  really don’t need you to get me anything because I just know ... Read More »

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