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Funny Thursday picture dump – Daily lolz

You ever get a sharp stabbing pain funny tweet - Funny Thursday picture dump

Funny Thursday picture dump – Welcome to our latest lighthearted edition of Thursday funnies! By this time tomorrow, many of you will be in the starting blocks, on their marks and getting set for their favorite kick-ass 48h weekend Marathon. So, what does the latter have in store for you – Have you planned some kind of chillax/procrastinating WE or ... Read More »

Funny NSFW pictures – Naughty memes and pics

Funny NSFW pictures

Funny NSFW pictures – DISCLAIMER: Before scrolling any further please be warned that the following picture post contains adult material that some may find offensive. Indeed, once in a while we enjoy treating our viewers to a collection of +18 humor but understand that this specific humorous genre isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; so if you’re currently looking for more ... Read More »

Hilarious picture dump – Wednesday funnies

My girlfriend immediately said no funny meme - Hilarious picture dump

Hilarious picture dump – Happy Hump day everyone, and in order to worthily celebrate the peak of our beloved business week, please allow us to share with you the latest nonsense we’ve come accross these past few days while redundantly scavenging the good ol’ World Wide Web. Funny pics, riotous posts and rib-tickling memes are the name of the game ... Read More »

Hilarious memes and pics – Sunday funnies

Hilarious year book names - Hilarious memes and pics

Hilarious memes and pics – Well, sadly enough we shortly will be closing the page on yet another exciting and care-free weekend. We hope that the latter lived up to your expectations and that you will “somehow” be ready to kickstart a brand new challenging/boring/painfull (apply what suits) week. In the meantime though, most of us still have a few ... Read More »

LMAO pics collection – Funny memes and Internet goodies

Make people believe you're bilingual humor - LMAO pics collection

LMAO pics collection – We hope that you’ve all been doing ok lately and would like to apologize for leaving you “postless” during the past two weeks; we will do our best for that not to happen again. Have no fear though, we definately have not forgotten you, and since actions speak far louder than words please allow us to ... Read More »

Funny video gaming picture collection – Memes and pics

Funny video gaming picture collection

Funny video gaming picture collection – In this day and age it’s almost impossible to come across someone who is/or has not been involved some way or another with the gaming universe (evidently if you live deep in the Amazon forest this still could turn out to be the case mind you). For all those though whom have spent a ... Read More »

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