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Monday funniness – A new week of craze awaits you

American crash test humor

Monday funniness – For many this week, Monday just won’t feel as terrible as it usually does. Indeed, the next ten days should be synonym of fun for those of you who have Christmas and/or New Year parties lined up. These holidays are the perfect occasion to reconnect with the real you and all the people you are fond of, ... Read More »

Funny Christmas pictures – A collection of holiday fun

Funny Christmas pictures

Funny Christmas pictures – Since this time next week many of you will be undergoing intense festive preparations in order to put together yet another memorable Christmas eve, we thought that we’d treat you to a pre-Christmas collection of funnies. When wacky Santa takes control, he can turn out to be quite a troll, so let us spike up that ... Read More »

Funny Star Wars pictures – A new post awakens

Funny Star Wars pictures

Funny Star Wars pictures – The new Star Wars – aka VII – The Force Awakens (for those of you who live on Alderaan for example, and would not be aware of the info) is currently being released in theaters all through the world since yesterday – Most European countries as well as South Africa, Morocco or even Turkey were ... Read More »

Procrastination Playground – An efficient way to waste time

Procrastination playground

Procrastination Playground – Welcome to PMSLweb’s Procrastination playground, if you were desperately looking for a place to put your bags down and procrastinate, search no more! Indeed, below you will find a large collection of time-wasters under various forms; Brain teasers, quizzes, optical illusions, games … be warned though that while some will attempt to flirt with your grey matter, ... Read More »

Explicit language humor – Unleash your inner demons

Explicit language humor

Explicit language humor – DISCLAIMER: Before you decide to go any further, we must warn you that today’s content features a fair amount of swear words (mind you the post’s title is pretty upfront and shouldn’t really lead to confusion). Long story short, if ever you do tend to get offended by this specific genre, you may want to pass ... Read More »

Monday lolz – The perfect way to start the week

I hate when I meow at cats and they don’t meow back

Monday lolz – Time for us to buckle up and dive into a brand new week. No matter how much you mentally prepare yourself for the event, when it comes to bungee jumping into Monday, you will end up experiencing mixed feelings. In order to break your descent a tad, you may want to fill up on a few smiles, ... Read More »

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