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Baking Cookies in the Car – in 4/5 hours

Baking Cookies in the Car – Possible or not? And the answer is……… YES, you can!

baking cookies in the car

Cooking indoors during summer isn’t always the most enjoyable task ever, whether you like cooking or not. Evidently many of you will imply that air conditioning does tend to improve our fate, and to a certain degree (see the pun here..) we will agree, although AC or not while you do tend to enjoy slaving in the warmth of the kitchen during winter, when it comes to summer you honestly will not have the same highly calorific cravings anyway… but that goes without mentioning a well know exception that proves the rule: COOKIES.

Indeed, our sweet tooth has a mind of its own, and while more than often it won’t be fussy and will settle for industrial baked treats, from time to time it does like being treated to the real deal, and that is when we will be confronted to a real dilemma: baking in summer! But chill, we have found the perfect solution which you can discover in the video below, and which will also allow you to make a few savings on your energy bill… talk about killing 2 birds with one stone.

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