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Bitchy and sarcastic – A collection of wicked funnies

Bitchy and sarcastic – Because as tolerant as one can turn out to be, there will always be a point when someone will end up pushing your buttons a little too much and you will snap. In moments like those, far worse than the kraken, the bitch in you will awake (whatever your gender), and it may require a certain mastery in order to break out in sarcasm instead of straight forward bitchslaping the object of your annoyance. We read you, and no doubt that some (if not all) of the following pictures will ring a bell.

Wishing you a bitchy PMSLweb moment!

My tolerance for imbeciles sarcastic ecard – Bitchy and sarcastic at

Let me play you a song called IDGAF ecard at

Fuckunicorn at

Let’s take a moment to thank earphones sarcastic quote at

I’m going back to living my fabulous life sarcastic ecard at

If you were anymore of a bitch sarcastic ecard at

You think that all my posts are about you sarcastic ecard at

Hey asshole form – Bitchy and sarcastic at

Tell me if this sounds like a phone hanging up ecard at

If she doesn’t text you when she’s drunk quote at

I love how coffee tricks me into thinking I’m in a good mood at

What works best for you sarcastic picture at

FU nail varnishing style – Bitchy and sarcastic at

From the first time I laid my eyes on you sarcastic quote at

Behind every man sarcastic quote at

I offended someone on facebook meme at

My last f*ck take it meme at

Have I given you any indication that I care at

If I could give you one thing in life sarcastic quote at

When I snap you’ll be the first to go – Bitchy and sarcastic at

If you don’t speak sarcastic quote at

Are you concerned about Ebola humor at

The ability to keep your mouth shut sarcastic quote at

When someone you don’t like tries to talk to you sarcasm at

Wondercunt at

What is resting bitch face – Bitchy and sarcastic at

Remember to look both ways before crossing a crazy bitch at

Never fall in love with a shithead quote at

May the fleas of a thousand camels funny quote at

I see those penis enlarging pills are working ecard at

This too shall suck book cover at

I hate you to the moon and back quote at

I didn’t mean to push your buttons – Bitchy and sarcastic at

Share a coke with irrelevant humor at

Game over bitch at

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