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Bring On the Chuckles – Funny Pics to light up a smile

Bring On the Chuckles – Oki so we made it through Monday and some of us are about to rule-off Tuesday from their list too, but let’s face it, the end of the week is still quite a stretch away and we need to hang-in there, so keeping the spirits up is prerequisite. Let’s see if we contribute a bit to this essential task with this new collection of funny pictures which we hope will enhance your day or at least what’s left of it!

Wishing you a shiny happy people PMSLweb moment!

He loves you I swear funny flower
computer paint program funny
the coolest wheelchair ever
cropping a photo can make a big difference
internet explorer background funny
How I feel when the internet is down funny
boredom level pringles ring master
a hand changes everything rocky funny
dead pidgeon in 3-2-1
that window has a small crack in it funny
Roller coaster funny
when I'm drunk with my cell phone and I text funny
ramsay funny this dish is so oily
pancake box - well that escalated quickly
choosing the color of your bike seat fail  funny
please cancel my subcription I've had enough of your issues
water glass prank for daddy
I bought olympic condoms for you ecard
sheldon smile like the joker funny
how to tell your human sucks funny picture
wanting a small tattoo that has lots of meaning to you
I love it when my microwave tells me my food is ready
my neighbor wanted me to trim my trees up funny
a little more training and I'll never need a woman again
nutelleria mother of god funny
woman period funny
we understand that you are 40 and still not married -cat funny
new F U facebook button
follow me bring beer soles funny
do you want ants funny
watching my cat from hell funny
how beetlejuice was born
sometimes I feel like they don't even know I'm here cat funny
how I think I look when my hair blows in the wind funny
lifesaver candy funny story
well I was the third in line funny
I'm not emotionally prepared to check my email inbox funny
but fart just once funny story
keep calm and blood splat
feeling like you don't have anyone to talk to picard funny
go ahead and tell them, they'll never believe I ate your homework
invisible lego killer funny
doctor house I've heard your name funny
where the hell is the rest of the horse funny
polar bears took all the coke again funny
I didn't smell that bad guys - bird funny
gang banged by crayola ecard
this lamb is so undercooked ramsay funny
your face when you first dropped this as a kid funny
I will ignore you so hard funny
scary toilet seat funny
This is why emergency rooms exist funny

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