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A category regrouping all of PMSLweb’s most funny website findings and creations: Funny pictures, videos and jokes await you here.

Amusing pictures – A weekend gallery of funny pics


Amusing pictures – Saturday is here and it’s time for us to settle down into weekend mode, turning the page on a love-tainted Friday that we hope resulted in a trip to seven heaven… Please note that if it did not turn out to be the case, treating your liver to an orgy was a very viable alternative. Anyway, let’s ... Read More »

Valentine’s day humor – Your ultimate guide to romance


Valentine’s day humor – Welcome to PMSLweb’s special lovers day edition. Every year on February 14th the pressure tends to go up a notch. Although deep down inside you know that your significant other will be pleased no matter what (well evidently this does not apply if ever you purely and simply dare to forget about it, don’t tempt the ... Read More »

Hilarious Hump Day – Funny pics to enhance your Wednesday


Hilarious hump day – Time for us to slightly interrupt this passion-tainted week. Indeed, love is in the air no doubt, but we’ve decided that it will be beneficial to everyone if we open the windows for a while and Febreze around a bit. For a few minutes, we shall now proceed in ventilating some craze around, so if ever ... Read More »

Love humor – A pre-valentine’s day treat

Cat relationship humor at

Love humor – With Valentine’s day coming up at the end of the week – and trust us, we won’t let you down on that one – love is currently in the air, so we decided that in the meantime it could be a nice idea to treat you to some “pre-valentine” goodies. Evidently we’ve also kept the singles in ... Read More »

Monday lolz – A new week collection of funnies

Atheist mosquito at

Monday lolz – Would you believe it, the sneaky and dreadful day is here once more so , evidently, the time has come for us to whine a tad… or wine actually. Indeed, with so many natural remedies available on the market, why should we deprive ourselves seriously? If ever you’re slightly recalcitrant in to adopting the method we dare ... Read More »

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