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A category regrouping all of PMSLweb’s most funny website findings and creations: Funny pictures, videos and jokes await you here.

Tuesday humor – A day without laughter is a day wasted

Home of thunder ass meme at

Time for a little Tuesday humor – Because by now, after making it through Monday it’s too late to turn back, but at the same time we acknowledge the fact that we still have quite a stroke to pull before reaching our next procrastination check-point; so in the meantime no choice but to make the best of it. Wishing you ... Read More »

Hilarious pictures collection – Getting the new week rolling

We don’t always invade earth meme at

A collection of hilarious pictures to boost the spirits up on Monday always seems like a plan, so why deprive ourselves? After all, laughter is one of the rare pleasures that remains free – at least most of the time – and since there’s no restrictions as far as its consumption is concerned, we can and should abuse of it ... Read More »

Lol pics – A Sunday collection of pictures

Tagging everyone in your pictures at

Lol pics – It’s Saturday and I’m working life sucks so much. At least if it provides a few smiles it will not have been in vain. So long story short, I enjoyed putting this selection together and hope you get a kick out of it.   Hate the pictures, don’t hate the author!           Read More »

Fun pictures – When weekend mode is activated

Kermit on Monday’s meme – Fun pictures at

In the mood for a few chuckles? If the answer is yes, it’s our pleasure to inform you that our daily collection of fun pictures is now at your disposition. Please feel free to browse our selection of cheeky Saturday goodies… because the weekend is the perfect occasion for us all to let a few of our demons out on ... Read More »

Tgif laughter – Take a spin down funny lane

1994 was the worst year in music at

Tgif laughter – The weekend is now knocking at your door and once more, in order to celebrate, here’s a new collection of funnies containing pictures we came across left and right during our hours of wicked scavenging. We hope you will enjoy and have an awesome weekend ahead of you in all cases. Wishing you a pleasant PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Procrastination humor – Crazy ideas to waste your time

Dubstep video game – Procrastination humor at

Procrastination humor or a guide on how to waste your time efficiently. In today’s edition we have decided to submit to your appreciation a few crazy activities you may be tempted to look into. As you know, the New Year is the perfect occasion for a fresh start, and could be conducive to a whole new panel of occupations when ... Read More »

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