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A category regrouping all of PMSLweb’s most funny website findings and creations: Funny pictures, videos and jokes await you here.

Immersion in the Video Game World – Goodies for True Players

streetfighter sure you can funny

Video Game World – The very first video game we have on record is “Tennis for Two” which was developed on the Donner Model 30 analog computer in 1958. The latter was then followed in 1972 by a much more “elaborated” version, the one and only arcade video game “Pong” (Atari Inc) which is known to be the ancestor of ... Read More »

Gordon Ramsay – taking cooking to the next level

Gordon Ramsay why did the chicken cross the road

Gordon Ramsay – Born on November 8 1966, the Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay has over the years become a key figure as far as cooking shows are concerned. His illustrious performances as conductor of operations in a handful of series including “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares”, “Hell’s Kitchen”, “The F Word”, “Ramsay’s Best Restaurant” or more recently “Hotel Hell”, driven by a ... Read More »

Hump Day Special – Hitting the top of the Hill with a Smile

I don't always lick my a** but when I do

Hump Day Special – Time to catch a breath! After successfully fulfilling the midweek’s ascension, you may now take a moment to chill a bit and admire the scenery before starting your journey back downhill as from tomorrow. Estimated time to weekend touchdown : 2 days – but this number is variable from one individual to another of course. For ... Read More »

Bring On the Chuckles – Funny Pics to light up a smile

invisible lego killer funny

Bring On the Chuckles – Oki so we made it through Monday and some of us are about to rule-off Tuesday from their list too, but let’s face it, the end of the week is still quite a stretch away and we need to hang-in there, so keeping the spirits up is prerequisite. Let’s see if we contribute a bit ... Read More »

The Purring Collection – Kick-start your week with a Meow!

don't sit on his lap now carl - cat funny

The Purring Collection – welcomes you today to the mystical and fascinating cat kingdom; because our domestic felines have always turned out to be an amazing source of entertainment upfront – it’s undeniable – and the phenomenon has only but increased over the years with the arrival of the internet era. Often perceived, or at least they do, as ... Read More »

It’s lazy Sunday let’s chill – End your weekend with a smile

why don't you wanna taco bout it?

It’s lazy Sunday let’s chill – As usual while the week itself never seems in a hurry to end, as far as the weekend is concerned it’s a whole different story! Once Friday evening has been reached the time just seems to fly by, and before you realize it you’re about to kick-start yet another dreadful Monday ugh! Now that ... Read More »

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