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A category regrouping all of PMSLweb’s most funny website findings and creations: Funny pictures, videos and jokes await you here.

Funny Hump day pics – A collection of midweek guffaws

No brain no pain – Funny Hump day pics

Funny Hump day pics – Would you believe it, six more Hump days to pull through before the end of the year! As from next week, the festive mood will slowly start to kick-in and weirdly enough the remaining work weeks should end up generating far less stress. In the meantime though, we still need get this nasty bastard of ... Read More »

Tuesday craze – Our daily selection of mischief

Pork and gummy bear sausages – Tuesday craze

Tuesday craze – If you need to take time out between daily duties and are in the mood for a few smiles, chances are that you’ve just knocked at the right door. Once more, our latest scavenging quest has brought a few goodies to our attention, and evidently we’re delighted to share the latter with you; so without further notice ... Read More »

Monday PMSL – A new week of nonsense awaits you

Nobody cares about your stick figure family sticker

Monday PMSL – Because we know that kick-starting a new week is always quite hectic (given that after the weekend your motivation meter work wise is very close to nil); we figured out that a handful of chuckles couldn’t do any harm. Below you will find our latest selection of Monday funnies, so please feel free! Wishing you a brilliant ... Read More »

Weekend humor – Keeping the procrastination strong

Who wants to be a millionaire alternative horsepower solutions

Weekend humor – Welcome to our latest edition of weekend funnies. Once more, our sole purpose today will be to offer you a helping hand in order to reach an acceptable level of procrastination (determining factor as far as a weekend’s overall quality is concerned). So if you have not done so yet, time to kick-off your shoes and enjoy. ... Read More »

Friday LOL – A collection of funnies to set the mood

Funny factory art newspaper fail

Friday LOL – The most notorious day of the week is finally here (well for those who kick start their weekend at some point today, evidently), and what better way to mark the occasion than to treat yourself to a few chuckles, don’t you think? Anyway, less talk more action, let’s get that finger scrolling! Wishing you a fantastic weekend ... Read More »

Hilarious Wednesday – Quality chuckles coming up

My cat taught me funny quote

Hilarious Wednesday – If ever your funny bone needs a fill up, search no more. We know how important it is to put the roughest part of the business week behind you and to pimp up the mood a tad, so why not treat yourselves to a little quality time by taking a glimpse at our latest edition of hump ... Read More »

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