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A section dedicated to PMSLweb’s Geek universe, various thematic posts can be found here.

On a server far away – the hidden side of the force Ep II

mickey death star

On a server far, far away – Last year we had treated you to a first collection of pictures dedicated to the Star Wars saga, and the time has now come to release our Episode II. What’s the latest news on the Star Wars front? Well for those who would have somehow missed out on this important piece of info, ... Read More »

Boredom Killers – A collection of goodies to check-out !

the hospital

Boredom Killers – Fess up, who doesn’t like procrastinating online, may it be from home or honestly even during tasks on professional ground. Wasting your time correctly is an art as it requires a methodic organization in order to make the most of it. So little time, so much dawdling to do… you know the drill! By now you know ... Read More »

Gadgetorama : What’s new in the gadget universe?

ass-speaker 1

Gadgetorama – There’s no limit when it comes to setting your imagination free and some sure have theirs on the loose. Most concept designers hope to leave their imprint by inventing “the revolutionary gadget”, but let’s face it; the competition is harsh and can lead to a few quacks. Nonetheless, we’ve surfed around and found numerous goodies in various categories. ... Read More »

Immersion in the Video Game World – Goodies for True Players

streetfighter sure you can funny

Video Game World – The very first video game we have on record is “Tennis for Two” which was developed on the Donner Model 30 analog computer in 1958. The latter was then followed in 1972 by a much more “elaborated” version, the one and only arcade video game “Pong” (Atari Inc) which is known to be the ancestor of ... Read More »

Amazing 3D Artwork – Mind Tricking & Breathtaking art

Leon Keer art

Amazing 3D Artwork – Those who thought that the most impressive artworks now belonged to the past and had ended with the passing by of renown painters including Leonardo Da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli and El Greco (Renaissance); Rembrandt, Rubens and Bernini (Baroque); notable figures such as De Goya (18th), Oscar Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir or Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (19th) ... Read More »

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