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A section dedicated to PMSLweb’s Geek universe, various thematic posts can be found here.

Ultimate Time Killer collection – Come and waste your time


  The ultimate Time Killer collection – If you have a few spare minutes on your hands and are basically looking for a way to ‘kill them’, the following collection of website links may just come in handy! No doubt that you will find one -or more- to trigger your interest.      The Empire Poster Quiz :   Will ... Read More »

Optical illusions and brain teasers – Our selection

No sex

Optical illusions and brain teasers – Feel like having a little go at that brain of yours and see if you can challenge it? Various optical illusions and brain teasers can be found across the web these days, and today we have decided to make you lose some of your precious time with a handful of them. Wishing you a ... Read More »

Bigfoot Art – an amazing GIF sequence

Big foot art

Bigfoot Art -The Bigfoot myth goes on fascinating a generation after the other, may you believe in him or not. Bigfoot, also known under the name of Sasquatch is believed to live in the forest of Pacific Northwest region of North America, is said to be around 3 meters tall for a weight of around 230 kilos. The size of ... Read More »

Fake Pokemon trailer: Finally a movie parents will enjoy

Pikachu uses flash funny

Fake Pokemon trailer – Tired of the Pokemons? Do your kids drive you nuts with the never-ending list of painful creatures, their headbanging names and evolutions… – not to mention that they also can have kids of their own and make us sound so has-been when we get questioned about them without being able to answer (What you don’t know ... Read More »

Geek living: Pimp your kitchen!

R2D2 Trash can

Geek living - Think that it’s about time to give your kitchen a total makeover, at least as far as accessories are concerned? Why not check-out what follows and add a little touch of originality to your everyday cooking habits.   Let’s start with choosing the perfect cook books…   What could be more original than these towel holders if ... Read More »

Biggest No Life in the world – We found him!

wow office

The world’s biggest No Life – We found him! Ladies and Gentlemen, please let us introduce you to Bradster (his nickname evidently) whom we grant with the title of the “Biggest No-life” ever. Honestly he deserves a standing ovation as he was known to possess 36 World of Warcraft accounts , the latter allowing him to raid all by himself… ... Read More »

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