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A section dedicated to PMSLweb’s Geek universe, various thematic posts can be found here.

Baking Cookies in the Car – in 4/5 hours

baking cookies in a car

Baking Cookies in the Car – Possible or not? And the answer is……… YES, you can! Cooking indoors during summer isn’t always the most enjoyable task ever, whether you like cooking or not. Evidently many of you will imply that air conditioning does tend to improve our fate, and to a certain degree (see the pun here..) we will agree, ... Read More »

Mac Vs Pc Transformer Style – An awesome battle

Mac vs Pc transformer

Mac Vs Pc Transformer style – One of the biggest battles of this century will no doubt remain the one opposing Bill Gate’s Microsoft to Steve Jobs’s Apple. The two multi-billionaire companies year after year engage in an endless battle with the sole purpose of taking over a maximum of our innocent souls. Evidently it’s far from being a secret ... Read More »

Smileys invented in 1862? The mystery remains

Lincoln's smiley

Were smileys invented in 1862? – While you already knew about the X-files, it’s with the greatest of honors that we bring to your attention the PMSLweb-files. Unresolved or unexplained online cases can appear once in a while among our posts, and what will follow will be left to your entire appreciation. Some time back, very savant observers of vintage ... Read More »

650 Million Years of Earth Evolution

Evolution funny

650 Million Years of Earth Evolution – Did you know that the 4.5 billion years old cradle of our life has gone through a few rough patches already since its birth? At the beginning, the latter was very far from being the beautiful “blue” planet we know today; it was a hostile land which would undergo frequent meteorite showers. Progressively ... Read More »

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