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Welcome to PMSLweb’s “interesting” category. Many thematic and miscellaneous posts can be found here.

Stupid life hacks – Pieces of advice you probably ignore

Stupid life hacks at

Stupid life hacks- In a society where the most prosperous firms have understood that the easier to use a product will turn out to be, the higher its success rate; you’d be surprised by the number of well-known every day glitches that each and every one of us still has to encounter on a fairly frequent basis, and for whom ... Read More »

Charlie Hebdo cartoon tribute – Pencils paying respects

Je suis Charlie Brown – Charlie hebdo cartoon tribute at

Charlie Hebdo cartoon tribute – Two days after France and the World, were mortified by the shooting carried out at the Paris office of Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo by three Jihadis, including brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi (and as we publish, only hours after the later suspects were finally taken down by police forces following a taking of hostages in ... Read More »

Scary Stories – A spooky and creepy Halloween treat


Scary Stories – Halloween is known to be the moment of the year, where not only do people gladly submit themselves to a traditional crazy and wicked dressing up session (which usually tends to pair up gorgeously with a handful of beverage fuelled giggles), but also find an unhidden pleasure in freaking themselves out after nightfall, with creepy stories and/or ... Read More »

Gross pictures – WTF did I just see


Gross pictures – While the internet turns out to be an inexhaustible source of knowledge and a major opening on the world on a daily basis, undeniably, it also has enabled us to discover a certain amount of “other” facts and oddities which – let’s be honest – we probably could gladly have done without. Before you decide to go ... Read More »

Best and worst tattoos – You will decide


Best and worst tattoos – Previously, we had already treated you to a collection featuring some of the best and worst tattoos that we had stumbled across during our hours of scavenging, but today we decided that the time had come to update our files, and share a new selection of some of the most amazing AND terrifying tattoos we ... Read More »

18 of the best Youtube videos – To discover or rediscover


18 of the best Youtube videos – When three former employees of Paypal decided in 2005 to launch a website which would allow users to upload, share and view videos, they probably had not measured the impact this would have on the everyday use individuals, as well as professionals, had of the internet until then. No wonder that the following ... Read More »

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