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Preparing Halloween – The funny Costume Collection

Funny Halloween costume the finger

Preparing Halloween – Only a few days to go before Halloween comes knocking at your door, and by Halloween we mean troops of dedicated vampires, witches, pumpkins and other creepy folks… but not only! These days creativity seems to be the name of the game, and you truly never really know what to expect when the door bell rings; you ... Read More »

Battle of the Sexes: Bring it on!

nagging owl

  Battle of the Sexes – Let’s face it, men and women can’t seem to live without each other and while they ‘somehow’ tend to complete each other, the path to cohabitation often turns out to be all but easy. During this incredible journey down the yellow brick road, you will most probably stumble across unforeseen obstacles such as communication, ... Read More »

Happy Valentine’s Day: You knew this was coming right?

why not after all

Happy Valentine’s – May you love it – “yeah I’m so so in love, my life is BEAUTIFUL, I see birds and bees and everything’s pink…” or hate it -aka “I’m single, this sucks big time watching them all drool with happiness”; in all cases it’s quite difficult to ignore that it’s Valentine’s Day today! So evidently wherever you stand ... Read More »

Get ready for Valentines Day

My love is like

Valentines Day is just around the corner now so for those concerned, it ‘s probably time to start fishing around for the perfect gift in order to show your significant other just how much you care. Don’t be fooled by the usual “Nah don’t bother about it, I  really don’t need you to get me anything because I just know ... Read More »

Live Long and Prosper!

The first post! A small step for the Web, a big one for mankind… A website created the year world as we know it is suppose to come to an end…come to think of it that just might turn out to be right! Go figure, only time will tell! Read More »

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