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Wednesday giggles on their way – Celebrating St Hump

Wednesday giggles on their way – Message to the attention to all passengers who have signed up for the mid-week Camel Safari Tour: Your Hump Day Funnies are now available via your usual gateway so check-in is now officially open.
Please proceed with caution and last minute giggle-shots can be found at our duty-free PMLweb health counter; we care to remind that the latter are mandatory.

Wishing you a pleasant & delightful PMSLweb moment!

Sometimes I want to go back in time and punch myself in the face
old man hand in wifes shorts
look at the picture
Alicia keys funny quote
broadmoor shower
that’s right take that bath dirty bird meme
how far have you gone with a guy
I hate it when spellcheck changes my text ecard
computer conversation funny
movies logic funny
love god facebook funny
matrix home edition
nercolas cerg captcha funny
how to spot out a douchebag
I see no way this could ever go wrong
just washing my balls
that’s how the fight started
potato what did you do to my friends
I screwed up my diet for this Monday ecard
naked mole rat penis with teeth
meanings of social media
meanwhile at walmart
duck face she’s not trying hard enough
50 shades of grey I don’t see the big deal
physiological find a word
salmon is for desire
mc vodka ecard
firefox crashed funny
knock knock grammar guy
I’d rather be funny
cause the dash don’t be silent funny
tetris funny cartoon
why didn’t I think about doing this sooner
you have won a coca polar bear
I threw a grape in the air
you read my doormat funny
the giant poster of insults
OMG Rihanna watch out
I slept like a husband ecard
put cheetos back in this machine
thousands of men will die from stubbornness
24th birthday card grandparents funny
selling koala funny
remember that time you forgot to think
madeggascar funny
she’s broken funny
frustration crossword
are you a vet funny

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