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Chuck Norris Funnies – Because Chuck Norris is Legend

Chuck Norris Funnies – Just because, let’s face it, the guy is a legend especially on the world wide web; Piss Myself Laughing has decided to dedicate one of its posts to the one and only Chuck Norris. Born on March 10th 1940, Carlos Ray Norris – aka Chuck – started appearing in movies as from 1968 but his career really took off as from 1972 when he played the role of “Colt” in “Way of the Dragon”, a film starring the regretted Bruce Lee. Numerous films followed and in 1993 he started shooting the very famous TV show “Walker, Texas Ranger” which lasted eight years. Chuck Norris’s martial art performances are known of all and as a matter of fact the latter even “created” his own: Chun Kuk Do. These days though, Norris has been somehow “glorified” to the rank of some sort of semi-god or as someone having supernatural unbeatable strength, all that for humor purposes evidently, so here is a collection of “Chuck Norris goodies”.
Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

when chuck norris was conceived
norris will not die if he answers the phone
chuck norris urinated
It's worth having sex with Chuck norris
when chuck norris slices onions
chuck norris lost his virginity before his dad
chuck norris breaks rock
chuck norris calls on iPhone
chuck norris versus mcgyver and rambo
chuck norris invented the c-section
chuck norris  is landing
chuck norris got his daughter s virginity back
chuck norris scares the crap out of the toilet
watching chuck norris in 3D
chuck norris wired toilet paper
chuck norris it's finally happened
chuck norris damages car
chuck norris takes down an entire army
chuck norris anti-theft
chuck norris calls david guetta
chuck norris is following you
chuck norris cat
chuck norris doesn't need to use the force
chuck norris facts sheet
young chuck norris and the truck
chuck norris wants to play football with you
chuck norris the pokemon catcher
chuck norris would like his condoms back
chuck norris killed santa claus
chuck norris 's daughter breaks windshield
chuck norris USA special services
chuck norris don't mess with him
when chuck norris wants your opinion he'll beat it out

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