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Crazy images – A Thursday selection

Crazy images – With the weekend just around the corner, the time has come to drop some ballast in order to reach the higher spheres of though . The latter often tend to drift off to Friday’s airspace where they find shelter, and it’s with the greatest of pleasures that we will catch up with them 24h later. In the meantime, here’s our daily selection of goodies.

Wishing you an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Tiger woods fake Trojan advert – Crazy images at

DNA sequence Yahoo answer humor at

Funny homeless Arab cartoon at

Just do it funny cartoon at

Larry’s hot pussy juice at

In Soviet Russia meme at

iPad humor – Crazy images at

The final countdown song is playing in your head at

How to friendzone a girl at

Funny Twilight crap at

Jihad my ride at

Balls guarana – Crazy images at

Suicide bid halts death at

Funny Chinese restaurant menu translation at

If you see sheep you need glasses at

Unplug me funny cartoon at

Chinese immigrant homework humor – Crazy images at

If browsers were women at

Why Spain lost the world cup meme at

God is coming cancelled humor at

Funny Pentax camera advert at

Pussy energy drink – Crazy images at

Kawasutra Kawasaki love positions at

Helping amputee son masturbate at

Woman with hairy butt humor at

Funny Clippy for real windows at

Need vaginas funny FB status – Crazy images at

React to terrorism funny at

Funny parking ticket dispute at

How to suck at Facebook humor at

Nissan for sale Craigslist humor at

Email investment fail at

Apartment rental humor – Crazy images at

How to clean a carpet humor at

Stare at the dot funny at

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