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Crazy Wednesday – A hump day gallery of nonsense

Crazy Wednesday – When the midweek strikes, making sure that you don’t lose that wild mojo which, on a daily basis, helps you get through the week, must be listed as one of your priorities. In order to keep the ball rolling, please feel free to scroll down our latest selection of twisted funnies.

Wishing you a chortle-powered PMSLweb moment!

Funny beluga – Crazy Wednesday at

Wang  Holder wedding announcement at

Funny chat roulette graph at

BJ sign fail at

Motherf*cking peanuts – Crazy Wednesday at

Funny amount of beer truth at

Kangaroo attack at

Christ’s sake humor at

Demolition raccoon demotivational at

Fear the cat butt at

Gas who fake board game – Crazy Wednesday at

Winter running fail at

Menu translation fail at

Who’s your llama meme at

Lego hanging fail at

Gordon Ramsey Hitler meme – Crazy Wednesday at

Hilarious Shamwow advert at

Society fail demotivational at

Reason we go swimming on a first date at

Tiger Woods just do her at

The f*ck you say funny baby at

Cat Russian roulette cartoon – Crazy Wednesday at

Funny health insurance simplified at

Funny dare at

Funny ceiling titty tweet at

Funny Halloween candy status at

Funny hey kids enjoy the sand at

Funny food truths at

Video game boss IRL – Crazy Wednesday at

Funny infringement notice dispute at

Black eyed peas greatest hits humor at

What it’s like to have a penis humor at

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