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Daily humor – Your Tuesday quotidian is on the rack

Daily humor – Ladies and gentlemen, the latest edition of your funnies is out, so you’re cordially invited to come and give it a peek evidently. We hope that your week hasn’t been too much of a toughie so far, and care to remind you that allocating yourself a little quality time left and right is one of the keys to success – for those who ultimately would prefer reaching the next weekend with a comfortable level of sanity remaining.

Wishing you a pleasurable PMSLweb moment!

Caterpillar humping a French fry at

Mexican word of the day chicken wing at

Maybe too much Hitler – Daily humor at

Water bottle fail at

Funny kid’s drawing – Daily humor at

Nirvana kurt Cobain comment fail at

Hidden Rick Astley lyrics in Niels Bohr paper at

Pedobear the origins meme at

Mount Facebook meme at

And not a single f*ck was given that day at

Frogs we do taste like chicken cartoon – Daily humor at

Smiling lions meme at

STFU mouth wash at

Fukitol funny – Daily humor at

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My wife treats me like a god meme at

Loss of loved one card fail – Daily humor at

Jesus died for your sins humor at

Christmas spirit demotivational at

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Are you raising a douchebag at

Camp climax for girls at

Dr Seuss fake cover at

Britney Spears getting spanked by Elvis at

Weird newborn toy – Daily humor at

Nothing beats a BJ at

I’m saving myself ecard at

Thai girl joke at

Two blonde dolls brothers prank at

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