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Daily Sarcasm – A kick-butt collection of funnies

Daily sarcasm – With roughly almost four business days now behind us, many of you should be starting to feel the urge to unleash some of their inner demons. That being said, we may have some sort of alternative solution to propose…. One which might just catch their attention in the heck of time, and allow you to avoid getting into too much trouble, at least for now…

Wishing you a sardonic PMSLweb moment!

Cat with the middle finger – Daily sarcasm at

Tourette’s Syndrome ecard at

I’m not good with names, can I just call you idiot at

At the end of the day life should ask us meme at

I must have Alzheimer’s sarcasm at

Cat lady humor – Daily sarcasm at

I hope you don’t f*ck like you park at

Sorry you missed the smart train ecard at

Naughty red riding hood humor at

Thou shall not go out meme at

FU post it at

She’d better buy new hands humor – Daily sarcasm at

I was talking sarcastic ecard at

Go on act like a fucktard ecard at

And they lived happy ever after sarcasm at

You don’t even know you’re a fucktard meme at

Sometimes when I’m speaking to people meme at

Rude rooster meme – Daily sarcasm at

Once you delete your birthday date from Facebook meme at

You’re an a**hole meme at

I know an old lady who swallowed book at

The mystery of the locked liquor cabinet at

Funny sofa penis design at

Other people ruin everything – Daily sarcasm at

When FB suggests people you may know at

I have a better chance finding a unicorn ecard at

If they aren’t going to let me drink at work ecard at

You know how you can smack something to get it to work at

Haters are like crickets sarcasm at

Funny store’s fuckin’ sale – Daily sarcasm at

If ever there’s something I can do for you humor at

F*cking baked eggs at

Must make it until payday meme at

Everyone wants you to be honest funny quote at

Look son an a**hole meme – Daily sarcasm at

Welcome to fuckfacebook at

Your family tree must be a cactus meme at

Talk to thy hand sarcasm at

Best name ever F.Yu at

What to do with your opinion – Daily sarcasm at

The F word in English humor at

I’m not a complete idiot humor at

Funny penis toothbrush at

Great shit nobody noticed at

Rude hand gestures from around the world at

I spy with my little eye sarcasm – Daily sarcasm at

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