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Stormtrooper – The every day life

Stormtrooper – The every day life – For most of you, Stormtroopers are those nasty guys who serve under the orders of Lord Darth Vader and only believe in the dark side of the force. So okay their employer doesn’t deserve the ‘Boss of the Year’ award and always gives them reprehensible tasks, but let’s not forget that they are also people just like you and I who have a life after work – so to say.
Today we have decided to walk you through different aspects of a ‘trooper’s’ life and who knows, your vision of them may end up being completely altered after that.

A day at work
Stormtrooper serve Vader
Serving our Lord
Trooper at work
Long office hours
After work…
Dad Trooper
Like any other dad once back home it’s time to take care of the kids
SW poledance
Before being able to go out and chill having a few drinks with mates
Friendship : a beautiful Trooper’s story
New friend
One day I came across another trooper – he seemed to really be in an awkward situation
save a stormtrooper
…so I decided to help him out
trooper in bathroom
He desperately needed to go to the bathroom
trooper bath
and a nice warm bath seemed to be in order here
My best friend
surfing the web
It didn’t take us long to become ‘besties’, and we started doing everything together
Hide and seek
We’d play all sorts of games like ‘Hide and Seek’
board game stormtrooper
board games…
troopers playing
and even babyfoot
troopers on ebay
We’d spend hours searching for those two droids Vader so wanted to get his hands on..
troopers like ladies
We’d enjoy talking about the ladies
trooper concert
Go to concerts…
stormtrooper nevermind
and listened to the same music!
Projects we had together went through with
troopers at the beach
We decided to go and discover the joys of the seaside for the very first time
Surfer trooper
Neither of us had ever surfed before so it was a first
stormtrooper house
We also decided to live together…
troopers building a house
and step by step built the house of our dreams ourselves.
In conclusion
trooper titanic
I love you my friend!!

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