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Facebook Death Notices – Long live social networks

Facebook obituary at

Facebook Death Notices – When it’s official it’s on Facebook…. and often leads to debate.
Ever noticed how these days Facebook has even become our official obituary source? We know it sounds back but it’s true in a way; whenever you read somewhere on the net that someone has passed away, your first reflex will be to go and share it on Facebook (Your buds just MUST know and if you’re the first to land the bomb on them, well even better – stop smiling you know it’s true). When it comes to validating the announcement of a death, where will you head over to see if it’s true or if it’s just some nasty hoax? Facebook of course (which often even manages to get hold of the info before the actual medias do – go figure). Basically, you’re not dead until Facebook declares that you officially are!

Once the “official” (aka Facebook) info revealed, we then get to discuss it all together… and if you don’t follow some sort of FB etiquette , this is what can happen…

Facebook death notices

Facebook death notices

Fb death notice

FB death notice

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