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Facebook humor – A best of Facebook funnies

Facebook humor – Because rare are those of us who, let’s be honest, do not own a Facebook account, and whether we like it or not are pretty much familiar with its unique and ruthless universe; today on PMSLweb, we’ve decided to dedicate yet another post to the number one social network which, despite numerous overthrowing attempts, remains comfortably lodged in its throne. No doubt that a majority of the following funnies will ring a bell, but are you willing to admit it?

Wishing you guffaw-packed PMSLweb moment!

Eat sleep facebook  - Facebook humor at

Facebook punch option at

Funny Facebook cartoon at

Facebookanol at

Funny Facebook quote at

Deleted Facebook funny  - Facebook humor at

Facebook duck hunting at

No Facebook update from you ecard at

Facebook timeline funny quote at

Facebook newsfeed funny  at

Funny fake friend request – Facebook humor at

Facebook CIA demotivational at

Are you drunk Facebook button at

Indian Facebook signals humor at

Funny Facebook birthday card at

So thankful for Facebook funny ecard at

Funny Facebook photo album quote – Facebook humor at

Funny fake Facebook notification at

Funny fake Facebook friend suggestions at

Hate you all Facebook gif at

The beginning of a beautiful friendship Facebook at

Irrelevant Facebook status humor at

Best way to end a conversation on Facebook funny at

Big Facebook fail – Facebook humor at

She just liked his facebook status ecard at

How many times do I have to like your posts ecard at

Funny Facebook fail at

Friendzoned on Facebook at

Dear facebook friend humor at

Funny facebook quote – Facebook humor at

So what Facebook button at

Funny Facebook mosquito comment at

Funny Facebook status at

Creep a friend on Facebook at

Thanks for posting to Facebook – Facebook humor at

Funny Facebook notification at

That awkward Facebook moment at

Facebook in a hundred years from now at

Your crush on Facebook at

Facebook profile picture fly prank at

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