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Foolish hump day – A midweek gallery of funny pics

Foolish hump day – For those of you looking for an excuse/destination to escape their daily duties/chores for a few minutes; it’s with an undisguised pleasure that we inform you of the publishing of our latest selection of Wednesday funnies. Today’s collection is the perfect blend of all available genres, and everyone in theory should find the right fit, so let’s get going shall we?

Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Is this what growing up feels like humor – Foolish hump day

Funny how did they film that scene

Funny who creates emojis comment

WTF is that funny Halloween fail

Funny pornhub plants a tree comment

Funny passive aggressive mail

Funny pigeon pretends to be a duck – Foolish hump day

Business cat string funny cartoon

Funny politically incorrect meme

Why are you taking the tumor out humor

Funny I want to be in this gang

Funny girlfriend versus man in black boyfriend

How do people meet their soul mate in college humor – Foolish hump day

Funny eye test mail

Why would you be a valuable asset to the company humor

Funny Facebook during the renaissance

Funny Humansville tweet

Teen masturbates for 11 hours humor

Why kangaroos don’t have tits funny cartoon – Foolish hump day

Funny when a girl says do what you want

Let go of the things holding you back humor

Average face of walmart humor

The girl you like funny redneck version

How to kidnap me wine humor

Funny in loving memory of Johnny Depp – Foolish hump day

Friends with benefits liquor store meme

When you leave your phone at mass humor

F*cking romantic husband humor

Recommended wine humor

Girl missing her ex funny status

When someone is taking too long to take a picture humor – Foolish hump day

The difference between a beer and your opinion funny quote

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