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Foolish Hump day – Let the giggles flow through you

Foolish Hump day – For those of you who feel the need to celebrate making it through the first part of the business week (essential milestone indeed),by treating yourself to a handful of chuckles; the following collection of Wednesday funnies is at your entire disposition, so please be our guests.

Wishing you a joyful PMSLweb moment!

Funny humps sign- Foolish Hump day at

Funny Monopoly meme at

Dafuq is this girl humor at

Funny Gordon Ramsay idiot sandwich at

Attention all aliens humor at

Only 1700s kids will remember this meme – Foolish Hump day at

Funny kids book chapter fail at

Funny tarzan fail meme at

Funny tweet when the inventor of the USB stick dies at

The walking debt humor at

Funny religious name fail on Facebook at

What it takes to be attractive humor – Foolish Hump day at

Funny my cousin looks like a lego at

Funny welcome to the family photo at

Funny multi occasion dressing status at

Funny letting someone out sarcasm at

Funny cats and the stork cartoon at

I laugh at your claims to bravely take on a zombie apocalypse at

Funny mom owns on iPhone – Foolish Hump day at

Stupid person gets owned on Facebook at

Funny getting burned on Facebook at

Remove all the vowels from female win at

Funny KFC gadgets at

Funny iStock photo caption at

Funny Sony Logic – Foolish Hump day at

Funny boys toy logic at

Shower that works with my broken neck humor at

If you hold a black baby to your ear funny comment at

Funny Bill Withers youtube comment at

This country needs a department of common sense – Foolish Hump day at

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