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Foolish Monday – Kickstarting a brand new week

Foolish Monday – We hope that you are finally settling into 2016 without too much hassle, and that you haven’t had to fight the urge to strangle anyone so far… Just kidding (but, then again…)! As dictated by tradition, Monday is always the perfect occasion to spike up a tad the mood, so without further ado, the time has come to get stuck into our latest gallery of Monday funnies.

Wishing you a fantastic new week ahead and a jocular PMSLweb moment!

Monday you son of a bitch meme – Foolish Monday

Correct me if I’m wrong meme

Funny sarcastic ski magazine

Funny photoshop selfie win

Funny tour of pisa gif

The welsh invented the condom humor – Foolish Monday

Funny masturbating midget man toy

Funny gift sets advertising fail

Wifi signal name humor

What do men and women have in common humor

Always proof read your instagram posts humor

Stupid girl stops at red light humor – Foolish Monday

Funny Michael Jackson tattoo

Silly girl falls off toilet

Funny Aldi tweet

WTF news story

Which one is you funny fail

I don’t have ebola funny status – Foolish Monday

Otter is tired of your shit

Watching a movie with someone else funny cartoon

Nigga egg meme

Funny Starbucks anti Christmas sentiment

Look twice humor

Cat learns how to twerk – Foolish Monday

Funny to the people who kept us up all night

Funny French fail

Funny ladies tool set advertising

Banned from Chinese buffet funny news

Save yourself funny cartoon

Funny parcel delivery fail – Foolish Monday

Funny tax refund Nigerian scam

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