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Friday laughter – Your TGIF dose of nonsense

Friday laughter – Woop woop people, guess what? Yup, that’s right it’s finally Friday. If you feel like celebrating, search no more, so do we… and in order to kick start the festivities why not treat yourself to a little rib ticking moment? Our latest edition of TGIF funnies is now live so stop finding excuses and dig in!

Wishing you a delightful weekend ahead and a craze-packed PMSLweb moment!

When you hear her calling someone else a good boy humor – Friday laughter

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Funny give DJ Khaled an Advil

A slice of onion protects your computer from viruses humor

How will Trump bring back the American dream humor

Funny when you suggest taking an Advil to a friend

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Funny school quiz fail

Things you can say in response to anything humor

Funny when you wanted a son and don’t want to hide your feelings anymore

Funny rock sand meme

Jesus surfing with his dad meme

Funny his reaction when he breaks the glass prank

Funny your reaction when he says it’s nice to meet a girl who isn’t crazy

Stop it girls guys don’t write like this – Friday laughter

Funny golden words by a wise man

Harry Potter’s new job humor

Eve counted Adam’s ribs everyday humor

When you run into the dog who’s been sniffing your girl humor

Song dedicated to my boss funny Kermit meme

When you go out girl’s be like humor – Friday laughter

Where Bud light belongs funny meme

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For the logic impaired sarcastic humor

Ways to ask for money funny cartoon

Depression for dummies funny meme

Powerful seal funny cartoon – Friday laughter

Funny when you look the doors and a customer tries to come in

You never listen sloth gif

Meanwhile in Russia gif

Let me help you with that like a boss humor

Here is some attention sarcastic humor

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