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Friday LMAO – Your wild weekend chuckles are on their way

Friday LMAO – Welcome to our latest edition of TGIF funnies. Congratulations, you have made it through yet another never-ending week – we never doubted that you would, mind you – and as of now, you should gradually start to unwind. Not sure how to proceed or where to start? Have no fear and just follow the guide…

Wishing you a delightful weekend ahead and a crazy PMSLweb moment!

Washing a spoon funny truth – Friday LMAO

Morris internet worm humor

Take it or leave it funny quote

Facebook does Dr Seuss humor

Funny toilet new quest

When you sit down in the salon chair humor

Funny masochist joke – Friday LMAO

My conscious when I wanna by shit humor

Old lady in elevator joke

Funny Walmart correction notice fail

Funny crazy facts

When someone busts into the bathroom humor

When it’s your day off funny picture – Friday LMAO

Jeremy Kyle DNA test meme

Funny Tumblr fail

Inconvenient place to sleep cat meme

Every time I read something interesting on Facebook sarcastic ecard

Funny hazard light button meme

The heart of my ex meme – Friday LMAO

Funny Star Wars John Travolta hologram

Contouring makeup humor

Stretching before running around cat meme

When girls do their nails funny snapchat

Bieber works at Olive Garden

I thought I was just really tired funny quote – Friday LMAO

Archaeology or grave robbing meme

When the waiter comes over to your table humor

Funny waiting squirrel meme

Go to your room and think about what you’ve done funny tweet

Real life horror movies humor

Funny shipping delays picture

Trust when the remote goes missing funny quote – Friday LMAO

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