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Friday LOL – A collection of funnies to set the mood

Friday LOL – The most notorious day of the week is finally here (well for those who kick start their weekend at some point today, evidently), and what better way to mark the occasion than to treat yourself to a few chuckles, don’t you think? Anyway, less talk more action, let’s get that finger scrolling!

Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead and an amusing PMSLweb moment!

Your dog is getting younger Facebook fail – Friday LOL

Funny job interview meme

I didn’t realize how good I was at yoga humor

Will you be my fucking best man

Good luck breeding those lions humor

When people ask you why you make science puns

I found these bullets  funny fail – Friday LOL

Justin Bieber didn’t finish the show humor

Pharaoh Rocher joke

Is that a bottle of windex funny comment

Invincible moose sign

Senor Krueger meme

Jeep rentals funny sign – Friday LOL

Funny Adobe flash comic

Funny Gallon of milk amazon review

Funny clean litter box meme

Funny Sesame street description fail

Chuck Norris action pants

Funny Nobel prize winner name – Friday LOL

Used toilet rolls sale

Funny public health sign fail

Facebook likes humor

Funny men toilet sign

Funny mirror illusion

Fuck you autofocus meme – Friday LOL

Toilet paper stuck in undies fail

Must have been a tough morning humor

There are two kinds of nerds humor

The officer asked me to step out of my car joke

In a relationship with alcohol humor  - Friday LOL

The people who pour the milk before the cereal funny quote

Funny laser in a box cat prank

Funny factory art newspaper fail

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