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Friday madness – A TGIF collection of funnies

Friday madness – While some lucky bastards have already started digging into the weekend, for the rest of us, the wildest countdown of the week is currently on, and every new hour put behind us seems like a little victory in a way, doesn’t it? The golden rule as of now is to keep our impatience under control by keeping our minds as busy as possible. Indeed, no need to torture yourselves unnecessarily so close to the goal…. and hey, given that via our virtual playground we dedicate an important part of our lives attempting to find you kick-butt time killing solutions, why not come and check-out the collection of funnies that we have in stock for you today?

Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead and a crazy PMSLweb moment!

Funny human goat gif – Friday madness

Whole new level of desperate people meme

Grandma’s dementia joke

Girl gets dumped after 7 days funny text message

Hilary Clinton attempts to get closer to the youth funny tweet

Spitting food on the floor funny adult joke – Friday madness

Funny government irony meme

Funny rising temperatures store sign

Funny tech support relationship joke

Dick pics are like dead bird gifts funny tweet

The pope in Jurassic Park humor

Funny whore warning sign – Friday madness

Hilarious Duck hunting newspaper fail

You swore to Jesus funny meme

When you’re next in blunt rotation humor

Al Bundy in Game of Thrones humor

Funny yearbook typo

How to scare the shit out of someone funny prank – Friday madness

What was stored under this mattress funny meme

F*ck this shit o’clock sarcastic ecard

Funny tucboat cartoon

Flower wants its first time to be special funny cartoon

Stupid geese funny fact

Funny scumbag deer gif – Friday madness

Butthurt on the internet funny meme

If ever I win the lotto funny tank meme

Make America great again funny quote

Playing marbles in Washington joke

They blow up so fast humor – Friday madness

F*ck you magic trick

Funny Jesus saves USB stick

Funny driving cat is scared of cucumber

Thanking the people who give me reason to drink funny quote

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