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Friday nonsense – A rollicking collection of funny pics

Friday nonsense – Congratulations, many of you have/or will shortly be unlocking the “weekend” achievement, one of the most coveted and glorified milestones one can attain. Given that humor should always be prioritized on this specific occasion, it’s our pleasure to treat you to a brand new selection of rib-tickling pictures – a humble contribution as far as funny bone enhancement is concerned – so why not let yourself be tempted?

Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead and an uproarious PMSLweb moment!

Funny box of wine pro-tip – Friday nonsense

Funny evolution something went wrong

You’re an idiot Charlie Brown humor

When you take off her push up bra humor

Best explanation of a politician joke

Reading the cocktail menu funny meme

Bible says love others like you love yourself meme – Friday nonsense

It’s better to be safe than sober meme

Funny Ikea hodor door stopper

Hilarious employee handbook

Funny realistic wedding vows cartoon

Funny trouser expander

Funny mentos cum fail – Friday nonsense

No job is better than a blowjob humor

Emails then versus now funny meme

Pausing on Toy Story 3 funny fail

Mr Tickle wanted to marry joke

Barrel of Monkeys nowadays funny cartoon

Me in the womb humor – Friday nonsense

Cat funeral funny cartoon

Funny krang pregnancy announcement

Funny stop size discrimination prank

I don’t care how you are humor

When someone blocks you humor

Funny rabbit statue perspective fail

Funny Nickleback cd gif – Friday nonsense

Facebook hoax humor

Norm hiscock funny name

The inside of a cheese grater funny meme

What it’s like dating me humor

You’re like a red panda sarcastic humor

Another crazy weeknight funny cartoon – Friday nonsense

WTF hashtag costume

Shitposting on facebook humor

Beatles Abbey Road nowadays humor

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