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Friday ROFL – A compilation of funnies

Friday ROFL – Would you believe it, Friday – or POETS day (Piss Off Early Tomorrow is Saturday), the most awaited day of the week is finally here. Once more we have decided to celebrate accordingly with a collection of rib-tickling pictures, so without further ado let’s get stuck in.

Wishing you a gorgeous weekend ahead and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Funny balcony difference between men and women – Friday ROFL at

Funny this could be us but you’re gluten intolerant at

Spanish is a language not a nationality fail at

Fake horse hooves humor at

Pusheen cat is real humor at

Funny men and nail varnish – Friday ROFL at

Dromedary has the best barber funny at

Gifting booze to grandma humor at

Funny Febreze Greek seaside at

Where would you rate yourself on the stupidity scale humor at

Funny Dora coloring book corruption – Friday ROFL at

Funny humming bird fail at

Downloading Chrome using Internet explorer at

Why I have trust issues humor at

Vladimir Putin's face on flock of birds at

Animals versus humans sarcastic humor at

BBQ parfait at

Dropping pop corn at the movies humor – Friday ROFL at

Most boring superhero ever meme at

Mom’s funny boob comment on Facebook at

Funny FU pool game at

Bees playing poker humor at

Best son funny facebook fail at

When someone dies owing you money humor at

Saying Donald Trump 3 times in front of the bathroom mirror at

Potty piano gadget – Friday ROFL at

Funny sexual position which produces the ugliest children at

Sexy texting humor at

Funny ingredients review fail at

Funny kanye West singing bohemian rhapsody warning at

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