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Funny bone casting – It’s Thursday so let’s do this

Funny bone casting – If you’re up for a few pre-Friday chuckles search no more and allow yourself a stop at the world wide web’s international guffaw station. Our crew will walk you through a handful of funnies in order for you to catch a breath before getting on with your exciting journey.

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

Funny elephant parenting gif – Funny bone casting at

YOFO meme at

Redneck medical glossary at

Scottish women humor at

Worst ways to respond to I love you at

Price shopper advert fail – Funny bone casting at

I regret the day I ever laid boobs on a man at

Winners of the friendzone awards at

The best T-shirt meme at

What I remember best about legos at

Truth about our century at

Godzilla humor – Funny bone casting at

Pictures that will ruin your childhood at

Juan Solo at

Ice T humor at

Bullying photos – Funny bone casting at

How I acted as a kid humor at

Most stupid prank at

Funny fat cat meme at

Mexicans don’t always drink meme at

Discreet delivery fail – Funny bone casting at

Lego fun snacks demotivational at

That moment when the boobs come out at

I am the batman iPhone funny at

Rapture has started funny at

The length of one kilometer humor at

Grandpa remembering the good old days joke at

When people sing happy birthday to you graph at

Belly bumping girl gif – Funny bone casting at

A Chinese and a Jew joke at

Exorcism Russian style funny at

Clippy the original scumbag at

Tiger woods take him home at

Funny hockey gif at

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