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Funny Canada – Meanwhile in Canuck kingdom

Funny Canada – Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the nicest nation of them all? Since the birth of the internet, Canadian stereotypes are omnipresent, and it seems as if our fellow Canuck friends never stop seducing us almost despite themselves. If we stick to the image convoyed by the web, one can assume that:

- Canada knows 12 months of winter
- Maple syrup is the basic ingredient of every dish
- When Canadians are not at work (and they are all lumberjacks, evidently), all they do is watch hockey and shovel snow from their driveways
- Sled dogs and ice-skating are by far the favorite transportation methods
- The nation is the most polite one in the world
- Canada only has one road, the latter being girt by 20 meters of snow
- Pet wise, evidently everyone has a moose in their front yard
- The Canadian fears no cold

Anyway, long story short, we could not resist in finally dedicating a post to our Canadian buddies, so let’s get the ball rolling!

Wishing you a fantastic PMSLweb moment, eh?

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