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Funny cartoons – Goodies from the comic world

Funny cartoons – Once in a while everyone tends to enjoy treating himself to a comic strip or two –or more- may the latter be featured in a newspaper, a magazine or these days even online. Many well-known artists of the genre decided to go viral some time back already…needless to say to our greatest delight, so here’s our personal selection.

Wishing you a chuckle-filled PMSLweb moment!

Funny shark cartoon  - Funny cartoons at

Doctors without borders cartoon at

Humoristic hospital cartoon at

This is awkward cartoon at

Internet the human trap cartoon at

Humoristic nurse cartoon – Funny cartoons at

Funny Tony the tiger cartoon at

Why people keep junk cartoon at

Funny bear hunter cartoon at

That one friend who always gets us into trouble at

Slow down children texting – Funny cartoons at

Humoristic tattoo removal cartoon at

The 5th dentist humor at

Bad dogs cartoon at

Funny fishman cartoon at

Nursing home cougars at

Dog social media – Funny cartoons at

Humoristic pirate vocabulary cartoon at

Poultry implants humor at

Funny grandpa tell us cartoon at

Yoga seen by cats funny at

Frog no fly in my soup cartoon at

Chameleon love – Funny cartoons at

Smell my finger cartoon at

Steve upgrading heaven’s tablets at

Truth behind dinosaurs extinction at

Humoristic Ghostbusters cartoon at

Sheep GPS – Funny cartoons at

Medical school graduation gowns at

May contain traces of nuts cartoon at

Taking everything literally humor at

Best pig tattoo at

Valentine’s day humor – Funny cartoons at

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