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Funny Football pictures – The best of football humor

Funny Football pictures – The most popular sport on the face of the planet is indisputably football (aka soccer for those who refer to it that way) with over 3.5 billion fans. The latter stands tall on the first step of the podium, in front of cricket (2.5 billion) and field hockey (2 billion).

As far as the teams themselves are concerned, as of December 18th 2014, the top 10 ranking is as follows:
- Germany : 1725 points
- Argentina : 1538 points
- Colombia : 1450 points
- Belgium : 1417 points
- Netherlands : 1374 points
- Brazil : 1316 points
- Portugal/France : 1160 points
- Spain : 1142 points
- Uruguay : 1135 points

Previously, we have already treated you to a few Football humor dedicated posts, but in order to celebrate worthily the end of the year, we figured out that you could enjoy a little (funny) summary of what football has had in stock for us over the past few years… so let’s take a little trip down memory lane shall we?

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

Ronaldo power gif – Funny Football pictures at

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