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Funny Friday collection – Funny pics to set the mood

Funny Friday collection – As we write these lines, minute by minute, the percentage of worldwide population getting hit by the wild “IDGAF Syndrome” is drastically increasing. This condition, which can strike at any given moment or day, does tend to reach its peak on Fridays, and has the power to change any Dr Jekyll into a Mr. Hyde. Far from starting a prevention campaign, we actually support this specific syndrome, and as they say, the more the merrier, so….

Wishing you a brilliant weekend ahead and a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Kids these days funny save icon cartoon – Funny Friday collection at

Funny midget joke at

This person is sweet and innocent humor at

Sarcastic gravestone at

How I look driving home funny comment at

Disneyland expectations vs reality meme at

I’m not worried about what you think funny quote – Funny Friday collection at

Funny death from the ankles down sign at

Funny every drawing book ever at

Once you go black you never go back funny meme at

Funny Tom Hanks volleyball meme at

Funny office prank meme at

Funny what Hollywood taught me about sleep at

Funny how it looks vs how it feels – Funny Friday collection at

Bacon lube at

You’ll need a ladder to get over yourself ecard at

Funny tech support meme at

The moment you realize you don’t want children meme at

Funny toilet paper the debate vs reality at

Beach joke cartoon – Funny Friday collection at

Sarcastic kiss my ass ecard at

Vintage phosferine tonic wine advert at

Funny fish name chart meme at

At your friend’s house meme at

I’m updating my bucket list sarcastic ecard at

Funny farmer, wife and scarecrow cartoon – Funny Friday collection at

Funny what Hollywood has taught me about love at

When you start drawing tornados meme at

My dad at 5am meme at

Funny vintage should a woman be spanked at

Funny wonder woman bullet bouncing cartoon at

Married couples favorite sexual position joke – Funny Friday collection at

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