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Funny Friday guffaws – A funny picture collection

Funny Friday guffaws – Once upon a time Friday was finally here and many lost souls (or should we say wayward souls) from all corners of the world were getting ready for their biggest quest of the week aka “The Great Weekend Venture”. In order to psychologically be ready for the event, they knew that filling up their giggle-o-meter would be mandatory; so without further ado they decided to start with a fun TGIF collection of pics and memes

Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead and a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Funny gangsta bird photoshop - Funny Friday guffaws

Annie Lennox gets lucky funny fail

Funny autocorrect status fail

Funny fake mews meme

When you make sure that you don't look high funny meme

Funny spongebob ice cream fail meme - Funny Friday guffaws

How I plan to look this summer versus how I look funny meme

Cookie monster's uber driver plans get shattered humor

If an alarm clock released spiders humor

Have you ever been too nice funny sarcastic quote

Catelyn Jenner looking like she's married to Al Bundy funny meme

When you want the last pringle funny magic hand meme

Cash found in Nigerian apartment funny comment - Funny Friday guffaws

Snickers advert placement fail inappropriate humor

Funny Jabba photoshop

Funny cat webcam footage meme

Funny extreme pulp orange juice - Funny Friday guffaws

Would you be a stay at home dad if your wife made millions funny meme

Guys I like vs guys who like me social media humor

We hate all the same people book cover funny cartoon

 When he hits you with that are you free text funny meme

Masturbating man from Pompeii funny meme - Funny Friday guffaws

When you can't find any fucks to give funny sarcastic meme

One focus group of women could have avoided this funny meme

Funny antistalking definition

My name is Sadaf social media humor

 Funny bird in front of heater photoshop - Funny Friday guffaws

Funny hamster is not moving story

Do you need help funny liquor store meme

One of us is pouring the glass of wine wrong

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