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Funny Friday insanity – All aboard the loony bin express

Funny Friday insanity – Thank goodness Friday is finally here. After such roller coaster week no doubt that many of you will desperately be seeking a few quality chuckles in order to maintain a certain level of sanity. Well, guess what … we’ve heard you, and have spent the latest couple of hours putting together a brand new collection of Friday guffaws; so without further ado why not get stuck in?

Wishing you a wild weekend ahead and a riotous PMSLweb moment!

Told my husband we should try some role reversal in bed humor - Funny Friday insanity

Bite the pillow I’m going in dry funny meme

New care bears don’t fit in with the others funny cartoon

Funny sarcastic giraffe fact

The hardest part about being a vegan funny meme

You’re a wanker sarcastic humor – Funny Friday insanity

Someone is being yabadabadum sarcastic humor

Man dies after neighbor shows foot up his ass funny WTF news

Funny new Facebook build a wall emoji

When you don’t even like her but you don’t want to be alone funny meme

Funny facebook fake tattoo fail

Funny diving school adult humor

Bone apple tea funny definition – Funny Friday insanity

Funny naughty pregnancy advice

Winter is coming funny mosquito meme

America the morning after the election funny cartoon

Dealing with a case of ignorami sarcastic doctor meme

Pandas who get enough sleep don’t have dark circles humor

Trump president and the Hunger games funny quote – Funny Friday insanity

She seems to be a hard worker funny meme

I always wanted to be someone funny quote

Am I adopted funny meme

Funny sexist charity meme

Trump wants to build a wall with Canada funny tweet

My brain is like an Internet browser funny quote – Funny Friday insanity

Aliens making fun of humans after US election humor

Vegan diet killed mother funny WTF Facebook conversation

Where’s my dinner bitch funny fake Golden book cover

A handjob is out of question funny meme

Too bad you can’t count jumping to conclusions and running your mouth funny quote

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